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Eggs are a great source of protein but sometimes eggs can also be a great source of salmonella, other viruses, and bacteria.  Now thanks to a patented, all natural egg pasteurization process Davidson’s Safest Choice eliminates the risk of Salmonella, other viruses, and bacteria.

Here is how Davidson’s does it….

  1. Davidson’s starts with clean, farm-fresh eggs from USDA approved, certified and inspected farms. Hens at these family-owned and operated farms are fed diets that are free of hormones, antibiotics, and animal by-products. All eggs reach us within hours of being laid.
  2. The eggs are then submerged in all-natural water bath, where computer-controlled temperature zones monitor and assure accurate pasteurization.
  3. The combination of time and temperature heats the eggs in their shells to the exact temperature needed to destroy all bacteria, exceeding established food safety standards—without cooking the egg.
  4. After pasteurization, the eggs are sealed with an FDA-approved, food-grade wax coating to prevent contamination and preserve product freshness.
  5. After pasteurization, the eggs are dried, cooled, and then stamped with a Red Circle P, which identifies them as pasteurized by the Safest Choice™ precision-pasteurization process.
  6. The newly marked safe eggs are packaged in retail or food service packs, dated, labeled, and stored under refrigeration below 45°F.

Davidson’s Safest Choice does not require you to “cook eggs until yolks are firm” Hate firm yolks!


Davidson’s Safest Choice eggs are available in both All Natural and Cage Free varieties at grocery stores nationwide.

For more information and egg recipes, visit SafeEggs.com

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