Left Over Sausages #SazonGoya #WorcestershireSauce


Here is a quick way to make sausages and peppers.  Not only quick but tasty.  I shocked myself.

I recently had a BBQ and had plenty of sausages left over.  When I came home from work and decided to make sausages and peppers.  I just needed to eat something different then what we normally eat everyday of the week.

So here is what I did.

I sliced up the sausages length wise.  Took two large onions and saute them in oil, then added 3 large peppers.  When the peppers looked like they were getting done I added a packet of Sazon mixed in a half cup of water.


Then I added some Worcestershire sauceIMG_2352.  Oh, if you want you can add a few fresh tomatoes.














Top with sliced sausages and let cook till peppers are done.

We enjoyed this quick sausages and peppers with a loaf to Italian bread.   Truly Yummy!