Office Christmas Party: Eat Drink & Make Merry #DirtySanta #UglySweater


We love to throw a Christmas Party each year at work.


We start with breakfast, continue through lunch and then we exchange gifts.


Everyone buys a unisex gift minimum value $50.00 and we pull numbers and pick a gift. If the next person likes it they can steal it from you and then you have to go pick a new gift. That is why it is called Dirty Santa.


We also love the theme Ugly Sweater and here are this years’ winners. Sean and Kristyn wearing their Reindeer Games sweaters.


Bobby was very happy with his Jack In The Box holding a crisp $50.00 unfortunately along came Marjorie and stole it. It was back to the gift table for Bobby


I ended up with all this dough!! What a groovy idea thanks to Margarita.


A little smile, a sip of cheer, a bite to eat with someone near, exchanging  gifts with one held dear. Best Wishes for the coming year. These make a Merry Christmas.  Happy Holidays!