Putting Some Color On My Head #ManicPanic #mysticheather


A few weeks ago I went to a really nice beauty salon and asked to have my grey hair highlighted with some violet color.  After the shock reaction from my daughter and granddaughter, “Grandma is crazy”  the beautician was delighted and went back and mixed her magic.  My daughter and granddaughter calmed down and were now waiting to see the outcome. Hours later to all our disappointment, the color was so very faint that you really could not see it. The young lady felt so bad and she did not charge me for the process. What to do? We went out and had ice cream 🙂


So I decided to go on line and see what I could find. Kristyn, the young lady at my job mentioned Manic Panic, so I looked it up and picked out Mystic Heather. I ordered the bowl and the brush set too.  Then I took a deep breath and just went for it.  This is a semi-permanent hair color cream. I figured if I mess it up I’ll get it cut off, my hair is curly and I am used to short hair. It grows back. Thank God.


I would have like a little more color (will keep on trying) but I am pretty happy with the result.