Nanotex Coolest Comfort Sheets #ExpectationsExceeded

Bed sheets are important to the sleep cycle.  Bed sheets are the first thing you body feels when you climb into bed.

But when you sleep with one leg under the covers and one leg out to keep cool, then your bed sheets are not working for you.  Time to buy sheets made with Nanotex’s Coolest Comfort and Wrinkle Defense technology.  Sheets made with Coolest Comfort and Wrinkle Defense technology help you stay dry and comfortable all night long, while keeping smooth and strong.

Their advanced moisture wicking system pulls moisture away from your skin and keeps you dry, helping balance your body temperature.  Nanotex® uses nanotechnology to transform the molecular structure of fibers, creates fabrics with remarkable performance and comfort, while preserving the natural breathability, comfort, hand and durability of textiles.


 These life changing sheets are available at Wal-Mart and Cabela’s and in multiple colors (Coffee, Cream, Mocha, Aqua, Ivory and Taupe) .

You can sleep with both legs under the covers!