Vega Protein Smoothie #BestLifeProject

Smoothies are not usually my cup of tea.  I hate to have to take out the blender and begin to create a smoothie that I will drink up in less than a minute.  Until!  Until  I was introduced to Vega Protein Smoothie.  Vega Protein Smoothie is not only a protein BOOST, it is also a no blender required smoothie.  That is if you don’t want to use a blender.


Vega is a smoothie that is easy to create.  One scoop of Vega, in the protein shaker ,along with one cup of cold water is all I needed.  Easy, fast, and super healthy.

Vega products are a plant-based nutrition.

Vega products are:

1. Certified vegan                                                                                               Vega One™ Nutritional Shake2. Gluten-free
3. Non-GMO
4. Made without dairy or soy ingredients, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners

Vega is not just any protein smoothie, but clean, plant-based protein from premium, multi-source, whole food ingredient blends.


I love using the Vega Shaker cup.  I want to shake it up!   VEGA Shaker Cup give you a quick 20 second shake smoothie.  Just follow the Vega basic layer technique.

You have to check out the Vega web site so you can  learn more about meal planning and great recipes.