The Ultimate Book Of Dad Jokes

Here is a book that every dad should have The Ultimate Book Of Dad Jokes.  Yes, this is the joke book only a dad could love.220px-Mark_Harmon_1 Written by Gordon Hideaki Nagai who is a father and grandfather who loves creating and sharing jokes with his four grandchildren.  The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes features 1,001 + punny jokes your dad will love telling over and over and over…With this massive collection of one liners and clever quips, no dad will ever lack groan inducing material to make his kids (and wife) facepalm. 

This book includes such winners as:

“Fish are probably the most musical of all non-human critter because of their scales.”

“The princess’ start-up bakery did extremely well because she was well-bread.”

“After Humpty Dumpty recovered from his fall, he was just a shell of his former self.”

Yes, this is The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes which will please dad and the whole family….FACEPALM!!


A Massive collection of laughable , cheesy jokes perfect for amusing dads and embarrassing the kids.  Kid tested and approved, this book is the perfect Father’s Day gift as well as a must-have for all wordsmiths and pun-lovers