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My daughter just returned from her 3 week vacation to the land of my birth, Malta.  She was there along with Liz and her family.   When she returned home I expected to hear all about the people she met, where she went, and all the other fun stuff that a vacation can bring.  What I did not expect to hear was her announcing she will be going  back to Malta next summer to work there, so she can absorb the whole Maltese experience.  WHAT!  OMG!  My daughter returned home so into the island of Malta, and the Maltese people.  She found her heritage and culture, she announced, and wants to learn more about this little island that harbors so much sun and love.  I was happy that she had a good time and happy she found her history but not so happy about her wanting to spend her summers staying and working in Malta.  Of course, just like a mom who doesn’t want to talk about what she doesn’t want to hear I changed the subject, real quick, by asking,  “What souvenirs did you bring back?” I asked with a, let’s not discuss the summer in Malta, smile 🙂  It worked!  She stopped talking and opened a bag full of Maltese souvenirs.  She then handed me a black fan.


I spread the fan out

362317778212 (1)

  Out popped the Maltese Cross.

Loved it!

The fan was so gorgeous.  I  think everyone needs to have a dressy fan.

A fan helps when I get them  “I’m so hot” flashes!


 Then I find out, it was not my daughter who bought the souvenir for me.  A very important person in my life, who lives in Malta, gave it to me.

Thank you Georgia!

This simple gift will be giving me comfort and it makes me happy to know that this comfort came from you.

And it also helped to alter the discussion from daughter spending summers in Malta to gifts from the heart.

IMG_4880 (1)

It was this souvenir that reminded me how the island of Malta spreads out her love to capture a person’s heart, and soul.