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Staying a week in the Hampton Bays with the whole family was surprisingly fun.  We stayed in the house that my daughter-in-law’s family own.  The few days in the Hampton’s gave us the opportunity to be together, all in one house, and see what we were all made of.

However, the fun part of our Hampton getaway was spending the day in Mattituck Beach.142224__nightmare_l

Now my dad, who is not steady on his feet, didn’t want to go to the beach.  He tends not to want to go anywhere these days because he cannot walk much.  So when he got to the beach he came to a full stop, knowing he would not attempt walking on this sandy road.  Then, lo and behold, there it sat, this big outrageous looking wheel chair.  The wheel chair is specifically designed to be pushed over sand.  A beach wheel chair!  Who knew Mattituck beach would have a wheel chair for people like my dad.  Without saying a word, my son grabs this  beach wheel chair, wheels it to my dad, and easily glides his grandfather over the sand so he can join us.

As soon as my dad joined us we made our stake in the sand, and settled along the shore.
154808_434272289983404_278754593_n My husband, who never wears a hat, mind you, now found that wearing a hat at the beach is a must.  A hat, a beach chair, and a bottle of beer is all he needed for the day.1025141134

Now as for the children.  They don’t need much at the beach.  1233847846lifebest

As long as we stayed close to the shore, so we can keep a watchful eye on them, they were perfectly content. 20141025_111419 (1)

What can you say about these bathing beauties?  Not much, really.  They lounged and soaked up the sea sun.148962_10200319959268346_1940916398_n

As for my sister, she decided to wrap herself around the beach umbrella, anchoring it down to keep it from blowing away,  she rested her beached body while making sure she is kept protected from the blazing sun226656_2 The sea is a place that can bring a family closer together.

250764_471917729509741_1536725042_nBut the best part of our beach day was watching my dad, and son, walk together into the sea

.  20141025_112636

Grandfather and Grandson!  Both smiling as my son places seaweed over my dad’s shoulder, YUCK!


IMG_2309 (1)

It was a great family day at the beach in the Hampton Bay’s.

We have to do it again!