As I grow older I find the days of the week just tend to blend right into each other.   I always have to stop and think of what day of the week it is.  And when I have to remember a past event I seem to have a hard time remembering the day it actually occurred, was it on a Monday or Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday…then I say,” Whatever, I cannot remember the day.”   In time I have realized that it’s not the day of the week that is important but  what occurred that day that is important.

So, today, Thursday, is really just another day but what makes this Thursday really an important day is what is happening on this day, Thanksgiving!

As I take the time to reflect on Thanksgiving Day, my heart reminds me that everyday is thanksgiving and everyday is filled with  blessings.  I just need to open my heart to the blessings and remember that the greatest blessing is family.   Family should never be taken for granted and never  blend into each other without a thought, like the days of the week.   Oh, I know how family can make your LIFE boat wabble – mine sure do, they make me sea sick at times- but family can also help hold  the LIFE boat oars and row you safely thru the rough shores of life.

Family is really an extension of YOU and  a blessing  from our Creator.

So today, Thanksgiving Day, I will stop to really give thanks that I have each day of the week with my family

as we gather to “Give us this day…”

“Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving.”

psalm 147-7