Bloomin’ Orchid #Patience #Withalittlebitofbloominluck

Last June I was given, as a gift, an orchid plant.   Now, as soon as I saw this beautiful flowering plant I suspected the orchid would have a short life span, especially with me as its caregiver.

I  was instructed to water the orchid, once a week, when it is very, very dry, and only give the orchid a shot glass of water.  The next maintenance criteria  was to keep the orchid in a bright window, never in direct sunlight.  And so I did as I was told.

After a few weeks the lovely orchid started to lose her beautiful pink pedals.  I watched as they dropped one by one off the  long orchid stem.   I watched as the orchid lost her beauty with each drop of a pedal.   So this is it!   Goodbye orchid!  It was nice to have your beauty in my home.

However, I did not give up on the plant that easily.  I made a decision to give the plant a chance to survive.  So there the orchid sat on the windowsill with just one bare long stem for 7 long months.

I did exactly as told to guarantee the plant’s return to her original beauty.  I also had thoughts of throwing the plant away – 7 months of a bare, skinny, looking plant, just sitting on the sill, was not exactly pleasing .

Oh, the tempting thoughts of her bloomin’ doom.

Until!  The day finally came!

The orchid awoke!

The orchid  began to sprout.  First the orchid sprouted two new long stems, then the stems  sprouted buds, then  she bloomed.

   Ahhh, Beautiful again!

Flower one, then flower two, and more bloomin’ flowers to bloom.

 Oh, a lovely orchid, once again.

My orchid was worth the time, effort and patience I  poured into this magnificent flower.

 I have an orchid in my house!

An orchid that came back to me in full bloom.

I am not sure how long the orchid plant will keep blooming for me.

But maybe I can have it with a little bit of bloomin’ luck