American Girl Doll Gabriela Girl Of The year #2017 @American_Girl

 Gabriela McBride the 2017 American Girl of the year.  

American Girl Doll Gabriela is certainly an award winner with my grandchildren, and great niece.  It didn’t take them long to wrap their arms around this American Girl Doll.

Gabriela the American Doll  of 2017!

Gabriela comes with her own book.

It’s Gabby’s story of a determined confident American Girl…Gabby is more than a dreamer.  Gabriela is a dancer, an artist, a poet and wants to inspires real change.

Gabby is a doer.

And this American Girl Doll is bringing lots of love to this American girl.  Gabriela is a true talent who uses her passion for the arts—specifically spoken word poetry—to overcome personal obstacles and create positive change for her community. Gabriela launches with a beautiful 18-inch doll, plus several performance-inspired outfits, accessories, and toys. We’re also happy to share that, unlike past Girl of the Year characters, Gabriela will be available throughout 2017 and beyond.