Hyacinth Flower #Spring #Bloomingflower

Oh, the sign of SPRING!

A flower!

A Hyacinth flower, blooming in a pot.  However, this is not just any pot.  The pot is made of  glass and holds a Hyacinth bulb.

No soil…What a great idea!

Easy way to bring spring into your home!









 I saw the lovely flowers in my local Stop n Shop grocery store, floral area.  Loved it.  Now the price was right, $3.99 each,  and the best part this plant needed minimal  care

Buying three Hyacinth, for my window sill, was an easy decision.

One for each window pane totally worked for me.  The aroma that emanated from the Hyacinth  was instantly noticed as you approached the kitchen window.  These flowers brought a touch of the outdoors indoors.

A garden of  pleasures right in my home.

I loved bringing SPRING into my home, and leaving old man winter outside.  Ha!  Take that Mr. Winter.







But then the flowers started to dry up.

I knew it was time to snipe them off, as I did with great regret.  However,  after snipping off the flower I noticed that even without the flower my  Hyacinth plants looked good.   The Hyacinth  green leaves, that the flower left behind, still exuded the air of spring.

Well, spring is not officially here, but the Hyacinth don’t know that.