Hot Tub!

Yes, I finally did it, went into my son’s hot tub.  Personally, I was not really ready to do the hot tub thing.  As wearing a bathing suit in the middle of March with temperatures outside not warmer than 42 degrees…Burrrr!    However, after numerous invites and with a constant response of, “When it gets warmer we will,”  we finally had to give in.  Since they told us that it did get warmer.  I guess 40 degrees is warmer than 30 degrees.

I was certainly surprised that my husband agreed to join us.  I couldn’t believe it, sometimes he can be less than cooperative.

To my delight as soon as we stepped into the hot tub we did not feel the cold.    That is what I called a hot tub miracle.It was fabulous! The hot tub, that is.  I had my glass of wine the rest had their beers, and we all sat back and reveled in the moment.

It didn’t take me long to realize that here we were, mother, father and son, alone together just us.   We actually got to just relax and enjoy each others company.  My husband and my son the men in my life.  Now I ‘m thinking, maybe we should get a hot tub…