Family Time with Nanna #CherishEveryMoment

My mom loves when the family gets together at her home. She has two daughters, two granddaughters and three great grandchildren and these days are priceless.

My daughter with her husband and family came over and we we lucky enough to have a childhood friend staying with my sister for the weekend. It’s true that more is the merrier. The kids love to play video games and watch T.V. My mom loves the energy and noise and all of it!!

My niece and her boyfriend came over and the kids just love Robbie. Sandra surprised him with a birthday cake from Carvel. Yum. It’s the little memories that last a life time.

Sandra brought out a game called Watch Your Mouth and the kids had a ball playing and we all tried to guess what they were saying. Not easy believe me, a really crazy game but they had a great time. Then after that game out came the playing cards. Sundays are for poker, that’s my moms’ motto. ¬†And that is everything.

We have each other, We have everything. Sometimes it’s a lot of chaos but that’s OK because sometimes it is a lot of love.