Two Georges at The Cove Restaurant & Marina #Florida #Friends #HappyHour

My recent trip to Florida was relaxing and fun.  What added to the fun was meeting up with our dear friends, Sara and Bill.  They had moved to Florida 4 years ago, or has it been 5?  Now, it’s not like we haven’t seen each other in those 4 or 5 years because they come to New York at least twice a year, and we always make it a point to meet up.  What made this meeting different?  It was the first time we meet up with them on ‘new’ territory –  #Florida.

Sara suggested we meet at Two Georges at the Cove Restaurant & Marina because they offered happy hour.  Of course, we were all in.  Always happy to go to happy hour.

Two Georges at the Cove Restaurant & Marina was a hopping place –  “was the place to be on a Friday night!”  Located on the intracoastal and can be accessed by boat as well as car.  Well, we accessed Two Georges by car, we had no boat.  And it was so happy hour crowded, we could not even sit by the water.  But that was not the reason we came to Two Georges at the Cove, we came to share happy time with our friends.

Sara, Bill, and Joanne all smiles.  So happy to be together.

Let me state that the food at Two Georges  was plenty and tasty..  

Sara and I shared a salmon salad.  Now this was the first time I ever had a salmon salad.  Was a little hesitant, but did want fish.  I definitely made the right choice!  The fish and the salad were fresh.  


My husband went with his norm, pastrami sandwich, Joe and Joanne went with the fish Tacos and Bill had shrimp salad.

Every item ordered was totally fresh.

By the way, Two Georges always kept the happy hour drinks flowing.



We drank, we ate, we talked and we laughed.  Which is what always happens when friends are together.As the day sky gave way to  night sky we saw a beautifully colored sunset – Florida is known for its gorgeous sunsets .  

We were happy that we did not sit by the water because had we been seated by the water we would have missed the perfect painting in the sky.  🙂  Gazing upon the sunset was the perfect way to end the night with our friends.