Another #Birthday #Celebration In The #Hamptons

A drive up to the Hamptons is what we do every year to celebrate my grandsons’ birthday.  So, of course, when he turned seven, this year, the family gathered their gifts,  and drove  to the Hamptons to sing “Happy birthday to you.” Our birthday boy  gets a big kick when his daddy, and his mommy’s, family join forces to create a birthday memory.  Now it’s Grandpa who gets the biggest smile out of Christian-  🙂

Our day at the Hamptons brings out the best in all of us.

Christian’s birthday celebration is not just about Christian, it’s about family.  The sun wasn’t shining that day but with all of us together no sun was necessary.

For spending the day with family and knowing that this is exactly what Christian wants was sunny enough.  The day always begins early, but never seems too long.

I treasure these moments for I know these moments are never a given, but thank God that they are given.

  Even Grandpa, and Christian’s Great Uncle, get to spend quiet moments together.

Sometimes the family gets a little asinine .

We never go out to the Hamptons without the canines. They, too, get to spend the day with the family.  We have Bailey, who is an old dog at being comfortable in the Hamptons, but  puppy Patrick is  new to it all.  However, Patrick fared well with us all.  He quickly adapted to his new surroundings and the new people.  

 Now as the hours passed, some of the young ones, the old ones, and the dog ones, tend to get tired.      No shame in napping.  I bet my last piece of cake that even Luke Skywalker took a few naps in-between his Darth Vadar battles.  Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISTIAN!!  May you enjoy being seven until you are eight <3