Shibajuku Girls #Shibajukustylin

Shibajuku Girls are unique trend setting dolls. The fashion savvy Shibajuku Girls dolls are  inspired by Japanese culture and Harajuku fashion that Shibajuku Girls are known for internationally.  Shibajuku Girls come with accessories that you can share and wear.

Shibajuku Girls are dolls that  bring out the smiles of  little girls.   Each Shibajuku Doll  has their own  style and personality, styled from head to toe with electric hair color and accessories that go with their unique qualities.

Koe (Animal Fanatic)  loves animals and hopes to have an animal habitat one day. Loves watching movies on nature, and if she could be an animal a Falcon would be her choice.   Other Shibajuku Girls are just as interesting:  Yoko (Mysterious and Musical),  Suki (Loves Colours), Namika (Earth Friendly), Shizuka (Fashion Guru)

Shibajuku Girls are unique and terribly sweet.  The  Shibajuku Girls hair clips are hairstyling fun.  You can twist and turn her hair and clip it your way.  To create your very own style.  Shibajuku Girls are fully poseable fashion dolls.

Shibajuku Girls are available at Target

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