The Queen Is Coming to Tea by Linda Lodding #Bookworm

The Queen Is Coming to Tea a children’s book written by Linda Ravin Lodding, and illustrated by Constanze von Kitzing.  The Queen Is Coming to Tea is the story of a sweet girl named Ellie who is honored to have received a request from the Queen to come to Ellie’s home to have a cup of tea.

Ellie travels the globe to acquire special items for her tea time with the Queen, cake from Paris, tea from China, lemons from Italy and a special party dress from New York City.  Nothing but the best for Ellie’s tea party.  Then in all Ellie’s excitement, with the Queen’s arrival, Ellie and her friends consume all the special goods that was to be shared with the Queen.

This was a problem for Ellie, but not for the Queen.  

A special time, a special person, just sharing a simple  cup of tea.