The Ugly Wall Outlet #BrandNew #SoHappy #NoMoreUglyOutlets @HomeDepot

Do you have ugly wall outlets?

Outlets that look like this?  

If your like me you most likely have been putting off replacing the outlet because it does involve electrical wiring, and unless your an electrician, a do it yourself change is not suggested.   But did you know there is an easy way to give those old, paint stained, eye hurting,  wall plugs a face lift?  No electrician or handyman needed.

All you need is a 1-gang duplex cover wall plate.  This plate covers the outside of the outlet and the face of the outlet.  A total face lift without the face lift cost.    

Simple remove the existing border plate, and replace with the new cover plate.

 Ugly outlet no more.  To make it new you just cover the old.

 A new clean look with one plate and one screw.

 Heading to Home Depot to buy some more cover plates.  There will be no more ugly wall outlets in my home.  No, not anymore!