Fake Bake Summer Glow Event at the Caravan Stylist Studio at The Gregory Hotel

Both Merci and I used to worship the sun for hours at a time when we were much younger, but today we shy away from the sun. Honestly we miss our golden tans because we we just feel better and healthy tanned! So we were super excited to experience a spray tan with the celebrity gurus from FAKE BAKE who create a beautiful glow but can give you a red carpet tan.  It all happened at Caravan Stylist Studio at The Gregory Hotel. That’s us in the before.

You know what you have to wear on Wednesday and every day ~ a tan!! After only 20 minutes we were ready to go and ready for our close up. When you look good you feel good.  Then we got to  meet Lisa Cypers Kamen for some tips and tricks on being your happiest – she is the author of ARE WE HAPPY YET ? She was so delightful and she autographed our books and sent us off to a happy start. We all have to learn and practice to  Harvest Happiness because happiness is really an inside job.

Tanned and happy we were treated to just what we needed,  the luxurious  Simply Venom gave us each a  10 minute hand and arm massage  which we greatly appreciated after all the time  on our phones and computers.  Oh and there were mimosas too. How is your summer?

It’s a wild world out there and we are all very busy but the truth is you cannot pour from an empty glass, you have to take care of yourself first. Please take care of yourself first.