Making Monday interesting – not easy – making Monday a family night – easy enough – all you have to do is add a hot tub to the Monday hum drum mix.  

Interesting enough, not one family member skipped out from the fun.  Heck, we even had non-family members come to hang with us, so Mondazing.  

After the initial hello drink, which is always the kick off of any family gathering, we jumped into the reason why we all gathered.  Right into the HOT TUB.

OK, we are not all Hot Tub enthusiasts.   Only us gals indulged in the simple pleasure of the whirling, warm water that spiral in a hot tub.

Did you know that the hot tub is the perfect place to hug your great- grand children.  See in a hot tub children cannot run away from those hugs and kisses. <3

 Of course, my dad and my husband were not in the Monday evening hot tub mood.  They seem to bring their mundane, Monday mood to our gathering.  They didn’t dampen the night, we let the hot tub do that.


The darkness of the night was a sign to gather around the fire place, and as soon as the fire sparked, out came the marshmallows.


 Yum or  dumb?  Not sure.

But we do have a few big kids in the family.










Family night on a Monday turned Monday into a Funday.

Even though some of us had to go to work on Tuesday.