Fhoto Friday – #HalloweenParty #Friends #2011

Halloween parties with friends are the best.   And when everyone comes decked out in Halloween dress the party is sure to be a success. Here are the party throwers Nancy and Monk.  Nancy always wore  the most unusual costume.  Here she is a night table.  How did she come up with that idea?  Maybe her jailbird husband helped.  These guys need no introduction, all they need is a hot dog on a bun.  Pass the mustard please, I’ll skip the ketucup.Oh la la!  That’s me and my cousin…wenchs of the nightIs there a   Doctor in the house?  Hope they have their malpractice insurance paid to date.Husband’s costume was too perfect…not a party without his beer.A Ritz cracker is always a party favorite.

    The Halloween parties are no more because Nancy and Monk moved down south.  But thanks to Nancy, who would always give all the attendees a DVD of all the wonderful pictures that were taken, we get to look back and remember the time we had together.   Thank you Nancy, your party gift is still giving.