Margarita’s Cafe & Cantina #Freeport #AuthenticMexicanCuisine #Ole #BirthdayCelebration

Margarita’s Cafe & CantinaFreeport, NY, opened this past June, and it was the perfect place to relax and celebrate my Cali in-laws last day in NY, and my brother-in-law’s birthday.   It didn’t’ matter that his birthday is in November.  What mattered was the celebration with his NY family, which we never get to do.  Margarita’s Cafe & Cantina, helped us give my brother-in-law a  perfect birthday celebration  to go along  with his perfect New York family.  🙂

We were seated looking directly at Margarita’s Cafe & Cantina’s seaside view.  An authentic Mexican meal along with the picturesque  Freeport canal.

The docked boats, stringed lights, and blue skies were just the beginning of the celebration night.Hello, scary masked guy!  Glad,I don’t have one of these hanging in my dining room, but did love the whole voodoo look.    However, the mask guy did make me slightly  uncomfortable.   I could have sworn his eyes were staring directly at our table, and  secretly followed us when we moved towards the restroom.  A Halloween Delight!


Now, we didn’t let Mr. Scary Mask stop us from getting comfortable and ordering our appetizers.   Coconut Shrimp, Fish Cakes, and Cheese Quesadillas were the starters, and that helped distract our attention away from Mr. Scary Mask.   The entrees arrived and we  realized we over did the meals.  Margarita’s Cafe entrees were more than what we could eat.  We knew that a dogie bag was forth coming.  But then it happened!  The birthday moment!  The birthday sombrero came out.  At first it looked like John didn’t know what to do with this unusual birthday hat.















Within a few seconds he realized that this was for him.  As he placed the hat on his head the enormity of the sombrero was amazing.  Who but the Jolly Green Giant could wear such a sombrero.  However, with a few quick adjustments, John carried the sombrero like a real Mexicano.

John was  a good sport about the whole birthday sombrero hat .  John showed us that Californians do appreciate New York humor.

Of course, the Margarita Cafe sombrero was passed over to his wife, Carol.   It was hard to sing Happy Birthday when our laughter could not be silenced.  Thanks, Margarita Cafe & Cantina, for making a early birthday celebration into a memorable one for a special brother-in-law,

Happy Birthday, John!  God bless you with many more!!