Spaghetti Mate Pasta Measuring #Thingamajig #SpaghettiScooper

Measuring the exact amount of spaghetti to eat is not easy, at least for me.  I always have  left over spaghetti in the pot, and in my house this is not a good thing.  We love spaghetti, and we can eat more than we should.  A no, no.  Not good!

Until, I purchased a spaghetti pasta measuring tool – a spaghetti pasta measuring thing-a-ma-jig.  A thing-a-ma-jig that measures the exact potion of spaghetti you need to serve. 

The spaghetti pasta measure  offered 3 different portion sizes:  1/2, 1, and 2 servings.

Perfect,  I  needed the 2 serving  of spaghetti. However, did it really measure the exact amount of spaghetti for 2 people?







Let the measuring begin!Now, to the eye this amount of spaghetti did not look like it would feed 2 people.  I began to worry.  I worried we would not have enough spaghetti to eat for dinner.I sure did have my doubts about this thing-a-ma-jig. Until!

I couldn’t believe it!  The thing-a-ma-jig did the job.  Perfect portions!  No left overs!

PS – not only does it measure a perfect serving potion of spaghetti but also can be used as a spaghetti scooper…Bon Appétit!