Turning 40 and Celebrating Four Birthdays at The Melting Pot #TastyTuesday

Love a new chapter love beginnings love celebrating these with my family. My daughter turned 40 this month and I am okay with that. Forty is fabulous and a reason to rejoice, so thankful for all this time we have enjoyed together.  At 65 I am happy to be a grandmother of 3 and my mom is 87 and feeling better everyday. The other Scorpions in my life are my son in law who shares the same birthday as my daughter, but is a year older. Then my sister and her daughter. My grandchildren love The Melting Pot  (they love the dessert fondue) so this is where we came to kick it up.

We started with delicious cheese fondue with fruit and bread. Your choice of salad,  choice of protein and plates of vegetable (mushrooms, potatoes and broccoli)  that we cooked in a tasty broth. Liam wanted ravioli and that is what he cooked.  We really did make a scene because there were three fondue pots at each course and we all wanted to taste them all. So it was round and round the table we went.

Finally came the part the kids were waiting for patiently (reading a book)  the dessert fondue. Cake, marshmallows, fresh fruit, krispy bites and  brownies to be dipped in chocolate and we also chose the Banana Foster dip. Oh My!!

We did another round the table act and left no chocolate or cake as evidence. We cleaned off all the plate. The kids hit this one on the nose – perfect party place. But what is a birthday with out cake and champagne?  This was waiting back at home and the celebration continued.

To my daughter and all my favorite Scorpions, I wish you a beautiful life filled with love and amazing times spent with family and friends. God bless you and may you prosper and shine where ever life takes you. Happy Birthday!