Christmas Story #UntoUsaChildisBorn

I never grow tired of hearing the story of the first Christmas.  I also, never grow tired of seeing the first Christmas story acted out, especially when the actors and actresses are my grandchildren.

This year our church gave my little Sophie the chance to play  the part of Mary.  She was so excited to have such an important role.  Angels, lambs, and Mary (Sophie),  receiving the news that Mary would bare a child.

With backs turned the children made it clear that Mary and Joseph were not welcomed at the Inn.

These shepherds, holding stuffed sheep, made it clear who they came to see.

The play came to a heralding end.  As all the children joined in to sing praises to the new born King.  And my grandson, the one with the glasses, gave a super rendition of his acting skill as an inn keeper.

Yes, the story of the first Christmas never changes, and for me, never grows old.