Google Home Mini – Play. Imagine. Learn. #OKGoogle

Now this is exciting news!! The Google Home Mini now has more than 50 new games, activities and stories designed for families with kids.

We took our grandchildren to Google Pop Up and we all had a wonderful day of experiencing and learning all about the Google Home Mini and the groovy things it can do.

Google Home Mini is a powerful helper. Play music. Get Answers. Get Informed and have fun. OK  Google play my favorite song I feel like dancing!!

OK, Google “Will It Snow Tonight”? Get all the news you need to know when you want to know it!!

Ask Google Mini what ever you like, gotta tell you,  we were so entertained maybe more than the kids were and they were in their glory.

Your Assistant on Google Home Mini has access to millions of recipes, making it the perfect sous-chef.

The Google Assistant makes this little speaker super intelligent. You can ask it to play albums, songs, or even describe an album by its cover to play it. Google Home Mini also supports many streaming services (and your playlists on them!), including Spotify, YouTube, and Pandora.

Family Link helps you manage the apps your child can us, keep an eye on screen time and even set device bedtime.

If you have multiple Google Home devices in your house, they can help you gather guests around the table. Ask the device closest to you to broadcast that it’s dinner time, and your Google Homes around the house will let guests know it’s time to come to the table.

Google Home Mini lets you make hands-free calls to anywhere in the US and can differentiate between up to 6 voices, so it knows whose grandma to call. Welcome to the future.

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