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Airospa Pillow is not your regular bed pillow, it is the world’s most advanced pillow.  Airospa Pillow is a face down angled pillow, a true stress reliever, massage experience enhancer and can be used anywhere and anytime.   Airospa Pillow is affordable and easy to use.

Airospa Pillow has 4 relaxing features:

A Face Down Pillow – sleeping with you face down with Airospa Pillow will eliminate stiff neck and shoulders.
A Massage Pillow – relax while a significant other massages your back and shoulders.
A Tanning Pillow – will help you get that back tan as you relax by and pool or beach
An Aromatherapy Pillow – will fill your senses with aromatherapy essential oils  inserted to a fan diffuser.

Airopsa Pillow enhances breathing, improve posture, stress relieving, and helps with snoring!  A true stress reliever, massage experience enhancer and can be used anywhere and anytime
Airospa Pillow easy to inflate to desired firmness. Finally, a pillow you can actually lie face down with.

Looking forward to spending my lounge time at the pool with Airospa Pillow…Makes for a great gift this Valentine’s Day or any day.

The AiroSpa™ Pillow comes complete with a simple to inflate, padded, face-down pillow, a patented insertable fan to provide air flow and to disperse the pure-essential oils that all comes neatly packaged.

The AiroSpa™ Pillow and its patented fan disperses a relaxing aroma from each of the inclusive pure-essential oils that produces

  • Stress Relief
  • A Calming Effect
  • Reduction of Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Positioning for Improved Posture
  • A Reduction or Resolution to Snoring
  • A fantastic massage experience
  • Enhanced Breathing
  • Better positioning for those who prefer sleeping or napping face-down
  • More complete rest
  • A healthful and relaxing aromatherapy session

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