American Girl Luciana Vega – Girl of The Year 2018 #Creative #Confident #ScienceStreak


Here she is the American Girl – Luciana Vega – Girl of the Year 2018.

Luciana Vega is creative, confident, and a future astronaut.  This American Girl is confident enough to know she can go far…as far as the stars can take her.  Luciana Vega wants to be an astronaut, but also, the first astronaut on Mars.   She will go to space camp to see if she has the right stuff.

Luciana loves space and science.  She gets inventive.  Luciana is always searching for what’s next.   The dream of reaching Mars is in her heart. Luciana Vega  has beauty and brains.

Right out of the box Luciana Vega was impressive.

My granddaughter oh, so excited to learn about this American Girl who aspires to be  an astronaut, at just 11.

Luciana Vega does have the right stuff!  She comes with an out-of-this-world storyline about an 11-year-old who dreams of being the first person on Mars. American Girl worked with NASA, including a task force of advisors (scientists, astronauts, and more below) who helped ensure the accuracy and authenticity of Luciana’s world—from her story and products to a STEM-based educational program in partnership with Scholastic and Space Camp.

Luciana Doll, Book & Accessories

Looking beyond her cool line of space-inspired products (like a Mars habitat and flight suit!), American Girl’s purpose behind this character is what’s most important. Luciana shows what it can mean to be a girl of strong character today, where creative thinking, collaboration, and STEM literacy provide opportunities for meaningful growth and development. Technology continues to revolutionize what we do and what we know, andLuciana is a character that can bring visibility and valuable lessons to girls at a time in their lives when they’re learning about their infinite potential to change the world.


Welcome Luciana Vega – The Girl of The Year  2018