Ballard Designs #Bedroom #Boudoir

After 10 years I had to revamp my dreary looking bedroom.   I did know the look I wanted the room to have.  I had 10 years to think about it.   I thought replacing molding, and a new  paint color, would be the hardest part of the revamping.  Turns out, it was just the messy part.   Even the purchase of a area rug was easy!

What was the hardest part of this project?  It turns out that the hardest part of  the project was finding the right bedding to spread on the bed.  The bedding is the bow that wraps the present.  I began my search long before the construction of the room began.  I searched, and I searched.   I could not find any bed attire that would give the room that certain jen ne sais quoi.    I started to convince myself that I would have to settle. 🙁   Until!!  Snail mail delivered  a Ballard Designs catalog.  As I thumbed through the catalog I saw the bedding set.

 Lucca Velvet Stitched Quilt Bedding.  Lucca Velvet Stitched Quilt

It looked fabulous!  At least, in the catalog.  The Lucca Velvet Quilt was the color I had pictured in my mind.  However, I needed to see it in living color.

Then I remembered that a Ballard Designs Store had opened in Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City. 

And there it was on display. In living color.  This was it!  The Lucca Velvet Stitched Quilt Bedding was the bow for my bed.  And to make my purchase even more perfect, Ballard Design’s had a store wide sale going on.   🙂

Went home with the Lucca Quilt Bedding, and the Jardin Toile Duvet.  

 Thank you, Ballard Designs!

For helping me “get inspired.”