Easter Day 2018 #TastyTuesday #GroovinEats #Recipe

Easter is a time to rejoice and be thankful for the gifts of love, joy and life.  We were again grateful to be together for another Easter.  We always got new clothes and new hats, shoes and bags as you can see from this Easter long ago. Merci, me, my sister Marianne and Merci sister Marlene. As you can see Merci tried to cut herself out of the photo, but you see I am the Flash in the family and I came to the photos’ rescue quickly and reserved it forever and ever.

Blessed this year to have our parents with us again and my friend and neighbor Nina who had a house fire last year and finally came back home around 5 weeks ago. With us were her daughter Pauline and her son Charlie. My daughter and her family were in Disney for the holiday and Mercis’ son Damian worked, he is NYPD and always on the job. So it was a small crowd but a happy one. Next door Nina made the best lasagna  and we had Prosecco (thank you Erica)  chilling and of course, Maltese Rabbit Stew and spaghetti to start.

Being a part of a family is being part of something wonderful. Friends are family too. Marlene brought Peter and Dana brought Juan. Friends who become family the moment they stepped in the door.

I have to say I have a standard meal I like to serve and so I did because I find it so easy. Ham, Filet Mignon (you can’t mess it up)  and Baked Shrimp. I love a salad and asparagus. I sometimes make baked potatoes but this time I bought some store made potato salad and everyone gobbled it up. (no photo)

We did a little dancing and lots of laughing and story telling, just enjoying the afternoon together after a long cold winter.

Marlene made her delicious Tangerine Trifle and we enjoyed cookies and dessert, which to some is the best part of the day. (that would be me) 🙂

Sometimes we act a little crazy and sometimes we get loud and argue over anything and everything but it is all covered in love and so it’s okay because tomorrow is another day. God willing. Time is non-refundable and we do our best to use it wisely. Umm, that’s my Grand Uncle Joe behind us on the wall.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter from our Family. Love & Peace,  Merci & Liz