Celebrate Summer! With Woman’s World #Summerpartyfun #Temptingrecipes

Summertime!  We can celebrate summer with picnics!  At cocktail parties!  On Father’s Day!  Summer Birthdays!  The best summer celebration of all the 4th of July!   Celebrate Summer with Women’s World magazine is  summer party fun!   Celebrate Summer!  With Women’s World  magazine offers  87 tempting recipes that will satisfy every summer sweet tooth.

Check out these no-bake pies. It’s summer so who wants to turn on the oven.  Not me!  But with these no-bake pies recipe you can keep the kitchen cool.  Strawberry Key Lime Pies, Pina Colada Coconut Cream Pies, and Chocolaet-Covered Cherry Cream Pies, all served in a 8 oz glass jar.

How about these Hi-Hat ice-Cream Cones Cupcakes!  No paper for these cup cakes.  All baked in an ice-cream cone, topped with layers of red and white frosting.  Oh, let’s not forget the cup cake that is chocolate dipped.  What a treat!  A picnic delight.

Now for the 4th of July don’t just let the fireworks create a bang.   Offer up a Flag Brownie Cake – made with cherry pie filling that keeps them moist and yummy, along with Hooray-for-the-USA Cookies – these lemony cookies are easily made with store brought cookie dough.
Three cheers for the Red, White, and Blue!

My favorite cake in the entire magazine is The Unicorn Cake.  A true masterpiece.  I know your thinking you’d have to be Michelangelo to create this artwork.  No, a template is given and the directions are the guiding hand.

These are just some of the wonderful ways you can Celebrate Summer!Celebrate Summer! magazine combines sweet treats with cocktail fun and offers easy snacks to turn any gathering into a summer party.  Get your Celebrate Summer! with Woman’s World while it’s summer hot!!