Gnomies World by Beyond Words Films (The Secret, What the Bleep?)

Let the children be filled with wonder and touched by peace.  Gnomies World is a darling movie about merry band of characters who live in the woods, go on peaceful adventures in nature, and bring laughter to all.

Searching for children’s films that help your kids relax? These five elements create physiological and hormonal shifts in the body:

  • Healing nature.Studies show that observing nature creates a shift in the body’s physiology.
  • Sound therapy. Music is well known to shift mood. Listen for music that creates relaxation in the body.
  • Laughter.The laughter response is well documented as an effective way to relieve stress and release feel-good endorphins in the body.
  • Peace and positivity:Snarky sarcasm may seem funny, but this type of “put down” humor loads kids with negative thoughts.
  • Laid-back pacing:Modern media is over stimulating to kids. Kids relax with slower, more organic pacing closer to real life.               Gnomies World is available on DVD or VOD from Beyond Words Films (The Secret)or FREE on Amazon Prime.