Batman is 8 – Happy Birthday!

Can Batman really be 8?  Where did the Bat time go?  Our little Batman, turning into a bigger Batman.

I imagine that 8 years, to my only grandson, seemed like a long time, but to the family, those 8 years of watching him grow was as quick as a blink.  However, even though he is 8, he continues to enjoy having his birthday celebrated with his family and his hero – Batman. 

The place of celebration is always at the Hampton house.  Of course, both sides of the family drove up to the Hampton’s to celebrate his b-day.   A drive that was not an easy one this year for my family.   We drove up in the rain which had no mercy for our journey.  Like it did not stop!!  Then the car had a flat!  Right on the Long Island Expressway (LIE).   It was not fun waiting 4 hours for help to arrive.  In my mind I had a vision of a Bat car pulling up to rescue us.  No such Bat moment.  What a story I could have told my grandson!  The good news, the  party did not begin till we arrived safe and sound.  With the smile of a child, my grandson showed us that the day was not wasted. 

As we sang “Happy Birthday” all the rain we endured, getting to the house, could not wash away a precious moment.  A Bat blue cake!  Filled with M&M’s!  In my book you can’t get a better birthday Bat cake than that. Happy Birthday, my dear grandson!  God bless you!  You will always be our little Batman.