66 Candles ~ Who’s Counting? #OTP #GroovinEats


We try to live our lives and forget our age, so we aim to never miss a chance to celebrate a birthday.  We met at the Olde Trading Post Tavern for the night, there was a live band in the Beer Garden and lots of people enjoying a beautiful Spring evening.  Since there was no room outside and we did not want to wait for a table,  we ate inside and  still enjoyed the music.

We started the evening with the OTP Nachos and some cold beers. Truth: The best beers are the ones you drink with friends. Cheers.  We always share the appetizer and the dessert, which was Merci choice of Cookies and Cream Truffle. We caught up and really just entertained ourselves, we think we are pretty lovable and funny.

Oh and we all love to eat so dinner was yummy Sheperds’ Pie, Tavern Fish & Chips, Grilled Chicken B.L.T. and Crispy Chicken Buffalo Flatbread. Some ate it all and some took what they could not finish home (and ate it for breakfast). 🙂  There is so much to celebrate in life and a birthday is definitely one of them. So until further notice celebrate everything. Happy Birthday!