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Wild Planet Foods are committed to providing the finest tasting sustainably caught seafood while supporting the conservation of marine ecosystems.

Wild Planet offers a full line of top quality seafood with fresh-from-the-sea flavor, like great tasting Tuna, Salmon and Sardines and Anchovies.

Wild Planet Tuna is ranked #1 brand for sustainability by Greenpeace two years in a row!


Wild Planet tuna are 100% tuna, have no added water or oils, comes in cans, and easy to open single-serving pouches.

WILD PLANET ALBACORE WILD TUNA firm in texture with a rich taste.  Albacore Wild Tuna is enjoyable as a sandwich or topped on a fresh salad. It is rich in Omega 3 oils and is lower in mercury due to the smaller fish Wild Planet catches. 600mg EPA and DHA Omega 3 per serving.  Oh, no need to drain Wild Planet tuna – The tuna juices will enhance your meal with pure tuna flavor.

SKIPJACK WILD TUNA with 21 grams of protein and an average of 230mg EPA and DHA Omega 3 per serving.   Wild pole-caught Skipjack Tuna is light in color with big tuna flavor.   No added salt, perfect for tuna salad, tuna pasta sauce or your family’s favorite tuna casserole.

WILD PLANET WILD YELLOWTAIL  a skinless, boneless fillets – average 17g of protein and 900mg Omega-3, including 470DHA/150mg EPA.  Contians only four ingredients, yellowtail fillet, orgainic extra virgin olive oil, water and sea salt.  WILD PLANET WILD MACKEREL  packed with 13 grams of protein and only 100 calories per serving.   Wild Mackerel fillets  are packed with iron and Omega-3.  It is a fish highly prized in Sushi Restaurants worldwide for its mild flavor and rich oil content, firm in texture and holds up well in numerous recipe applications.  Wild Mackerel and Wild YellowTail can be eaten right out of the can.

Wild Planet’s New Wild White Anchovies (in water and Extra Virgin Olive Oil) with 19 grams of protein and an average of 800mg EPA and DHA Omega 3 per serving.

Wild Planet products help keep your body fueled for optimum performance.  Protein, Omega 3, calcium and more – Wild Planet adds a punch of delicious nutrition to any meal.

I’m WILD about Wild Planet foods.