When God Happens – True Stories of Modern Day Miracles by Angela Hunt and Bill Myers #PositiveNews #Bookworm

What is a miracle?  Miracles are events that are not explicable by natural or scientific laws therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. 

The book When God Happens: True Story of Modern Day Miracles reminds us of what a true miracle is.  The authors Angela Hunt and Bill Myers give the reader eight true stories from real people who have experienced miracles in their lives.  Included miracles stories:

  • A couple who witnessed angels at a fiery car crash (p.1)
  • A woman visited by angels after a terrorist attack (p. 17)
  • A woman who encountered the warmth of God after a heart-breaking divorce (p. 79)
  • A believer who exorcised a psychic possessed by demons (p. 125)
  • A teenage girl rescued from a satanic priest (p. 39)
  • A man healed on his deathbed (p.95)
  • A man who was told his baby would be stillborn-but instead had a healthy daughter (p.29)

When God Happens reminds us that the laws of science or physics cannot prevent a loving God from showing his Divine love.   When God Happens  reveals a God who watches over us.  A God who is not explainable.  A God that never changes.

Have doubts that miracles really happen?   When God Happens: True Stories Of Modern Day Miracles will help you remember the miraculous power of God with modern-day miracles.