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New Sprout Organic White Cheddar Curlz – the FIRST plant-powered snack for toddlers.  Made from organic chickpeas, lentils and baked (never fried) to perfection with white cheddar cheese.  Sprout Curlz are curly, crunch snacks.   A fun finger food that toddlers will enjoy because Sprout Organic Curlz are delicious as well as nutritious.   Sprout Organic Curlz are USDA certified organic and non-GMO, Sprout Organic Curlz™ contains real, honest, and pure ingredients.  Curlz are:

  • Plant Powered from Chickpeas & Lentils
  • Gluten Free
  • No Concentrates
  • Nothing Artificial
  • Sprout Organic Curlz  winner of the 2017 National Parenting Product Award.

Sprout Organic Curlz come in 5 single packets for easy on the go toddler snacking.  Are available in broccoli, sweet potato & cinnamon. Preserved only with organic rosemary (the rosemary does not affect flavor).


Sprout Organic Curlz’s are Planet Power foods that can be purchased on-line: