MERMAID PILLOW CO #imagineMermaid

Mermaid Pillow Company is a family owned business that create fun products with positive and confident messages for both children and adults. Tom Sailor and his family  captured these impactful lessons from starting Mermaid Pillow Company, and distilled them into a hands-on, step-by-step online course that takes kids (and their parents) through the process of designing, marketing, and selling their own mermaid pillow on What we are seeing as a result of this online course, are kids who are choosing to design a pillow for one of the amazing non-profits we have partnered with including Alex’s Lemonade Stand and the American Heart Association.

Mermaid Pillow Company has so much more than pillows, they also offer blankets and bracelets.  My grandchildren love their 100% Velvet Blankets. Unicorn Magic in pink for Natalie.

The boys love sharks and dinosaurs because Sharks Think and Dinosaurs Discover!!  These blankets are so unbelievably soft and comforting. They sleep with them,  they watch TV and play games with them too.

Mermaid Pillow Gives provides  exclusive line of pillows, bracelets and blankets free-of-charge to kids that need them most by partnering with schools, non-profits, and corporations. Lets’ all imagine, believe and do.

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