All In The Family #GazeboBuilding #Familyaffair #Familyworktogether

When you are away from home, for a long time, you come home to find plenty of unwanted visitors, like weeds of all kinds rooting in the lawn, and a weather tattered cloth top gazebo, with no hope of survival.

We got busy pulling out as many weeds as we could pull but our gazebo, damaged beyond any repair.  After going through 3 previous cloth top gazebos we needed to make a better gazebo purchase.  We opted for the latest trend, the hard top gazebo.  Only problem with the newest trend gazebo, it has what seems to be a thousand more parts.  We needed help in this end of summer project.

So when you need help, who you going to call?  Family, of course.      My son became the project manager.  Thank God!    My husband and I just assisted.  I assisted by removing the individually plastic packed pieces and  organized them in part number order.  Sounded easy but I found out it was NOT!

Nothing went up without using a tape measure to verify exact distance and a leveler.  My son is a perfectionist.

However, I do have to be honest, not all in the family gave us a helping hand.   Like my dad.  He offered his company as he relaxed reading the daily paper.

Then we got a drive by visit from my daughter-in-law and grand-daughter.  They just stopped by to give my son his outdoor blue-tooth charger.  It was like, “Hi, good luck in your new project,” then off to shopping they went.No matter, with or without extra help the gazebo began to come together.

Everything progressed smoothly.  Until, they had to climb the ladder to work on the ceiling of gazebo.

That’s when my nervousness began to kick in.  I couldn’t help but yell, “Watch your step,” “Be careful,” “Hold that ladder,” and every warning I could think of.  Yes, I was annoying!

All in all, father and son team pulled the gazebo together, without any screaming, or disagreeing, no one threatened to walk off the job. 🙂

DONE!  Gazebo completed!  Love my guys!