How God Makes Men by Patrick Morley #BOOKWORM

How God Makes Men a book about stories and principles.  How God Makes Men  a book with “One huge promise for your Life.”  It was God who created man and How God Makes Men will help unlock God’s master plan for your life.

This book will help change your life, encourage you to be a better man and help you draw wisdom, which comes directly from God’s Word.

How God Makes Men tells the stories of: Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Gideon, David, Solomon, Nehemiah, Job, Peter, and Paul.  These men were called to incredible adventures, were brash, were bold.  God took these men and shaped them, changed them, turned them, rescued them, showed them, called them, molded them and empowered them.  In essence, God made them into better MEN.

Today, even men are under attack.  Discover how to prevail in these tough times and release God’s power in every way.   .