Goodbye, Brother, Uncle, Great Uncle Jimmy…

It’s when you lose someone that you realize how important that someone is. How that  person, whom  you have lost, can leave a hole in your heart.   And my brother-in-law Jimmy Brennan did just that.  He passed over without any notice, and now he created this large hole in our family that can never be refilled.  Just like a missing piece of a puzzle the picture will never be complete.

The day Jimmy past away we all realized that God gave us a very special person, who was the perfect fit for our family.  Jimmy had a personality that was different, he was introverted, never made noise, always gave a smile, always kind, always giving.

Now we wonder. Why didn’t we pay more attention to him?  Why, didn’t we have him over more often?  Why, were we not a better – sister-in-law, niece, nephew, brother? Why?  Why? Why?  

Jimmy, on the right,  was here today, then he was gone tomorrow.  Gone, within a blink.  Gone, no longer to be seen or spoken to in our world.  How sad!  How lost will the family be?  He has moved out of human reach, and moved to a better world.   Hopefully, with the Almighty.

Jimmy, you were a good Uncle, Great Uncle, brother, and Son.  Jimmy you are already missed.  You lived a quiet life, and you died a quiet death.  They say Rest In Peace, I say Rest in the Valley of God’s presence.  Where peace is not an impossible fact but a heavenly truth.

Goodbye, Jimmy! Till we meet again by the grace of God, at the entrance of the gates of heaven.