BooginHead: Stylish Baby Essentials #Baby #Stylish


 BooginHead:   Are stylish baby essentials that every little “BooginHead” needs to have strapped onto their stroller.    Whether it’s summer, fall, winter, or spring.  Whether you take a stroll in the park or splash at the beach, BooginHead essentials will be like an extra pair of hands for busy moms.
Check out a few essentials to get your hands on before strapping your own little “BooginHead” into the stroller. 
  • SplatMat:  This protective and fun mat folds down to fit easily in a bag or purse, and is perfect for picnics, parks, beaches, airports, and other public places where you don’t want your little BooginHead touching the floor or ground. And since it’s so easy to clean, SplatMat can go right back home again to the high chair or playroom. ($14.99)
  • Squeez’ems:  Get a Grip on nutrition! Squeez’Ems are reusable food pouches for any pureed food. Perfect for healthy smoothie mixes and compact for outings to the beach or park. ($7.99)

  • PaciPurse – This one’s for mom! This fashionable, vintage-inspired piece is modeled after the classic and stylish kiss-lock coin purse. Another BooginHead original design layered with function, PaciPurse holds two pacifiers and PaciGrips now, while baby still takes a paci, and can be repurposed later to hold small necessities like cash, cards, makeup, and other personal items. If you’re sick of pacifiers getting covered in grit from the bottom of your bag, you’re gonna love this! ($6.99)
  • PaciGrips & SippyGrips:  Keep pacifiers, soothers, toys, and teethers close, clean, and ready for baby.  Are you over pacifiers and teethers ending up on the ground? Or does your kiddo get a kick out of playing fetch with a sippy cup?  You need PaciGrip, PaciPals, Bandana Teether Bibs, & so much more.  With patented grip material, universal attachments, and food-grade silicone, BooginHead products will be your little saviors at home and on the go!

BooginHead in business more than ten years, BooginHead products are well-loved by parents everywhere for their unmatched high-quality construction, stylish patterns, versatility, and attractive price.

Get Boggin’ for BooginHead and you’ll get a “Grip on Parenthood…”