Halloween and Special Ops Tricks

Trick or Treating with my favorite Halloweenies is always a walking adventure, as we go house to house, ringing door bell, after door bell, repeating the same lines over, and over.  We all become totally engaged in the after school activity.

However, what I found most interesting, this year, was how ones costume can actually get you engaged and become the persona the costume represents. As my grandson did.  This Halloween he decided not to just dress the part ,but actually play the part of his Halloween Special Ops costume.  

With all his gear in place it only took minutes for him to jump into his Special Ops character.  The transformation happened so quick that he stole the Halloween show from all.

He began to move from corner to corner in military fashion.   He was so captivating, that we paid little attention to his sister – dressed up like a scary movie character – I can’t remember who she was suppose to be.  🙁

Even my great niece, who was a bat of some type, received minimal attention.  🙁

As he moved along, slithering from house to house, hiding behind bushes and doors, it hit us.  He’s camouflaged!   We noticed that he was blending into the houses we trick or treated.  What the Heck!  It was then that I realized, that, this Halloween is full of interesting tricks in more than a Halloween treat.