Christmas Eve 2018

So happy we got to go to the Christmas Eve service together at the beautiful Lutheran Church of the Resurrection. The pastor beautifully reminded us that baby Jesus is the reason for the season and it’s not what is under the tree that matters, but who is gathered around it.   

My daughter called a PJ Christmas Eve and most of us complied and then some of us just forgot. you know how it goes.  You just can’t remember everything. But the kids had a great time and Tucker really enjoyed his first Christmas.

Yes Santa left him some doggy toys to play with. Together is such a great place to be.   We enjoyed some seafood and pasta and my daughter always makes a baked ziti for the kids and who ever does not like fish.

  Thank goodness we all love pie. My daughter made my moms’ night when she presented her with roses. She smiled and that is a good thing.

  May the magic of Christmas never end and your greatest gifts be friends and family. Merry Christmas.