The Lotus Produce Bags #Produce #Bagthem

If you haven’t ditched using those annoying plastic bags, when you go shopping, then its time you did, and replace them with Lotus Trolley Bags.

Lotus Trolley Bags offers a variety of bags for all of your shopping needs.

The Lotus Produce Bags great for produce goods. These bags are durable and washable.
Lotus Produce Bags are made of the finest materials and can be washed repeatedly.
Throw them in the wash, air dry quickly, and they will be just like new.

The Lotus Produce Bags come in 3 different color coded sizes for all your produce needs. 3 small (12” x 8”), 3 medium (12” x 14″) and 3 large bags (12” x 17”) shipped in our plastic free eco-friendly box.

Lotus Produce Bags come in sets of 3 in different sizes.
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