ItsThrow Back Thursday!

12 years and counting we have been blessed with our little Sophie! All hearts have been filled with joy. Not happiness, joy! And till this day we are joyful that God sent her to us. A little baby. A baby that now has grown into a lovely young lady. With tears in my eyes, I look proudly at my growing family. It’s hard to believe how time has marched on. It’s a shock when we realize time does march on without allow you to give it approval to march on,

What strikes me funny, is how It always seems that when you are in a moment of time, you don’t think of time as slipping by. But it does! When it does, there is no reeling it back.

We are 12 years older and 12 years wiser. May our Almighty Creator allow us another 12 years with this little beautiful baby who now is our little Sophie.