Foto Friday! #Drawings #Art #Eyeofthebeholder

They say,”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  I totally agree with this statement. 

I think art  falls into the   ‘eye of the beholder‘ category.  

See my daughter is displaying this art work in her home.  

These drawings were created by my late brother-in-law. We knew he had this talent and with this talent he produced art that only a few could enjoy, and the few are my children. They always thought that Uncle Jimmy’s drawings were super cool.

I was impressed with the paintings but couldn’t see them hung on the wall of my deceased mother-in-law’s home. I remember that she was impressed with the art work but not so impressed with them on her wall.

I would describe the art as dark but tastefully done. We have no idea what he used to sketch them from, but we guess they come from comic books he owned.

I am happy my daughter rescued her deceased uncle’s art work and hung them in her home. I can see now how the drawings represent a piece of himself and by way of his art he will remain in our hearts. However, it’s art that only a few can see the beauty in.