Birthday Celebration For My Mom

My mom just turned 89 years young and that calls for some celebrating and some cake!! Every birthday is a celebration of love, life and family, a time to get together and just be happy. My mom loves to see my daughter and her family and we make it a point to see each other often.

I cooked the night before making a big pot of meatballs, lentil soup (for my granddaughter) and sausage and peppers. Boiled up some pasta and called it lunch. The kids of all ages love pasta so do I.

My mom misses playing poker and going to Atlantic City since her stroke a few years ago, but she still has the gambling bug. My daughter knows this and makes her day by buying her NY Lottery Scratch Offs and helping her with them trying to get the big one!!! Maybe next time.

Everyone waits for the cake and this year both my sister and daughter brought a cake. A yummy Strawberry Shortcake and delicious Lemon Meringue Tart. Just a little piece of both please!

Sandra and Robbie could not come this time, they will come next week to celebrate I know my mom can’t wait to see them. Happy Birthday Mom, may your whole year shine with love, peace and joy.